Le Patio des Artistes


Anis Mcharek is a quality specialist, having studied business management and trained in HACCP methodology and ISO 9002 standards. Previously employed by the Nouvelles Frontières group with its Paladien hotel chain, in 2010 he joined the hotel group belonging to Mr Chivet, at the Mondial hotel in Cannes. Five years later, he was promoted to Head Receptionist at the Patio des Artistes hotel, Cannes.

He likes the level of independence he is given here, and also his managers’ support policy and their readiness to assist, be it help in resolving a problem with a client or in other matters of a more personal nature. This atmosphere of trust makes him feel he has greater freedom to act, and is more valued in his role and comfortable in fulfilling his primary role: putting customer satisfaction first.

He often meets demanding clients who need to be listened to, reassured and given appropriate guidance, so that they remember the hotel for its supportive, attentive and obliging service. Having lived in Cannes for around ten years, Anis is happy to share his experiences. Looking for a restaurant that serves international specialties? He knows a local establishment that will meet your requirements. Fancy sampling the traditional dishes of the region? He can tell you where Cannes’ locals eat, well away from the places overrun by tourists. With him, you’re in good hands.

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