With his strong entrepreneurial streak, Amedeo Bartoli did not originally plan to join the major family-owned group French Riviera Confidential. He was initially attracted to a variety of professions such as financial consultant and real estate agent. Eventually he decided to study accountancy. It was at this stage that he acquired the knowledge and skills that are now proving such a bonus for our Alba hotel in Nice.

Soon after that, in 1991 he came to France to study hospitality accounting. Amedeo was strongly motivated to learn French to enable him to start a career in the hospitality industry. He is now embroiled in a true love affair with this beautiful country of ours. And this is where, in 1993, he met the woman of his life. Amedeo has never been able to bring himself to return to Italy, his native land.

Having amassed a wealth of experience, Amedeo speaks four languages: Italian, French, English and also Spanish. This is a tremendous asset for the Alba and its guests. He joined the staff at the Alba in November 2015, and his presence is greatly appreciated by his colleagues and above all their customers The guests find in him someone who is always attentive to their needs and a rich source of advice. Having recently taken on the role of Head Receptionist, Amedeo has one golden rule: to be friendly and efficient.

Amedeo loves sport, and makes it a point of honour to keep in good shape. He is overflowing with energy which he’s always ready to channel into in keeping the guests happy. Should the Alba be favoured with your visit, you won’t be able to help falling under the spell of this lively character.

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