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A keen sportswoman, Anne-Marie Buzon approaches her career like a series of challenges. Having completed her training in Nice and obtained a degree in hospitality management and tourism, she decided to start her career at grass roots level, as a receptionist.

So she started work at the Mondial hotel on February 14, 2005, a symbolic date that she still talks about as the day when she met her true love. The following year, she was invited by the management to take charge of the reception at the Alba hotel in Nice. This hotel had just joined the group and everything had to be brought into line with the company ethos, new procedures had to be put in place and personnel had to be trained and recruited. In 2010, Anne-Marie moved to Juan-les-Pins, to the Astoria Hotel, and subsequently, following the Mondial’s upgrade, she joined their team in Cannes.

She is loyal to the group, where she appreciates the fact that she is listened to, is able to suggest new services and has a role to play. And when she sees the group expanding, adding new hotels or carrying out refurbishments, she says she feels proud because this is partly a result of her day-to-day efforts.

But throughout all these years, her priority has always remained the same: keeping the customer happy. In talking to them, she always tries to “probe”, as she puts it, to keep herself up to speed with the expectations of guests so as to find ways to please them.

If you stay at the Mondial, you’re sure to notice her bright, infectious smile, a clear measure of an unforgettable visit.

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